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How Do I Pack Electronics?

Before moving electronics, there are certain procedures to follow. These procedures will protect your systems from mechanical failure or damage due to the normal physical shocks that can occur during transport. If the moving tips below are followed prior to moving, your electronics should arrive safely at the destination.

What To Do Before You Pack Electronics

  • Remove all CDs, DVDs, record albums, and other media from your players and computers.
  • Remove all paper from your printers and/or fax machines.
  • Make sure all CDs, DVDs, record albums, and other media are back in their cases or sleeves. Pack all similar media and software together, marking each box appropriately.
  • If you no longer have owner’s manuals, draw some wiring diagrams PRIOR to disconnecting your equipment and breaking down your systems. Place the diagrams in the box in an envelope marked “wiring diagram.”
  • Some electronics have a transport screw under, in back of, or on the side of the unit. Tighten before packing.
  • Remove any stacker or multi-play cartridges prior to packing, and wrap individually.

Pack Electronics Using The Right Moving Boxes

The best way to pack an electronic device is in the device’s original box with the original packing. If these are long gone, use a box big enough to cover the entire unit with enough room for packing material. The packing material should fit snugly — fill the excess room in the box so the unit will not move around. “Dish cartons” are strongly recommended. These are double-walled moving cartons that provide much greater protection than ordinary corrugated boxes. Plastic bubble wrap or crushed white newspaper make ideal packing materials. Try to stay away from traditional printed newspaper. Seal the box with reliable packing tape. Your moving company can provide you with proper packing containers and materials. diggins & ROSE offers discounted, pro-quality moving boxes and supplies that will make moving so much easier.

Don’t Forget To Pack Remotes, Cords, Manuals
Make sure that your remote control, wiring, cords, and owner’s manual are wrapped separately and packed in the same box with its appropriate device. Another option is to pack all of the remotes in the same box, and all of the wiring in another box, etc.

If You Have Moving Questions Or Need Assistance
diggins & ROSE Moving Systems — local movers serving New England — are happy to assist you with any questions about packing or moving electronics.

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