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How Do I Move A Flat Screen TV or Computer Monitor?

Are you looking for ways to move a flat screen tv or large monitor? Moving delicate electronic items can raise the anxiety in anyone, especially since plasma, LED, and LCD flat-screen televisions are expensive and sensitive. Here are some important moving tips from diggins & ROSE to help you move a flat screen tv safely and properly.

Ready To Move A TV? Choose Our Box Or Your Box.
Diggins & ROSE offers a special TV box made specifically for moving flat-screen TVs or large monitors. Or we’ll provide a helpful guide on how to make a box yourself. We look at both in this section.

Use Our Sturdy Box Made Just For Flat-Screen TVs
Our special TV box will accommodate any TV size up to 60”. We made a quick, helpful video on what the box looks like and how it works. Watch the video above.

With our special box, your flat-screen TV is custom fit – and fully protected front to back, side to side, and top to bottom. Your TV can easily be placed neatly into our box, where it is securely packaged. The box itself is robust and made to withstand the rigors of moving. If you no longer have your original TV box or if you want a better-made one, call us today and get your special TV box now. You’ll get a detailed set of instructions on how to pack your TV in the box.

Have a TV bigger than 60”? No problem. We can build you a custom crate made just for your TV.

How To Make Your Own Flat-Screen TV Box

If you have your own box or want to make one yourself, let us help you with these quick and easy-to-follow steps:

  1. You need to get a box that will fit your TV. The original box is always best if you still have it. Or make your own. Just be sure the box itself is made of sturdy cardboard and that you use enough tape to secure the seams of the box.
  2. Once finished, place a neatly folded sheet or some cut-to-fit foam in the bottom of your box to act as padding for your TV. Put the box aside for now.
  3. After you have removed the screws from your TV that fasten its stand or its wall mount, find a very soft blanket, sheet, or cloth material that you can use to drape over your TV. It should be long enough to cover the front and back of your TV and wide enough to wrap around the sides of your TV. With the protective covering draped over your flat screen television, use some moving-grade shrink wrap or tape to secure the covering to your TV.
  4. You should now be able to lift your TV into your box if it’s not too big. Or have someone help you lift it, and then place it into your box onto your padding. Insert more cut-to-fit foam on the sides of your TV and then on the top of your TV. Make sure the TV is secure in the box and not shifting or rocking inside. Finally, seal the box with plenty of tape.
  5. Don’t bother to try and fit the TV stand, wires, cables, and remote into your actual TV box. Those can easily be placed in another box and labeled on the outside for easy location at the destination. By using a separate box, it will also ensure better protection for your TV.
  6. Not comfortable packing your flat-screen TV? We can pack it properly for you.

Transporting Your Flat-Screen TV
Always load your TV in an upright position. Never lay it on its side or flat because that can lead to damage either on the exterior or interior parts of your flat screen TV. Load your TV box on top of heavier, stable items – and never put anything heavy on your TV box. Whatever you place behind or in front of your TV box should also be flat so that if your load shifts, nothing will penetrate your box.

Storing Your Flat-Screen TV
If you need to store your flat-screen plasma, LED, or LCD television, find a place that is climate controlled. It’s not so much the summer heat that can harm your TV; rather it’s the intense cold during early spring and winter months. Moisture can develop on the sensitive electronic parts of your TV and the extreme cold can lead to cracks or warping in its casing and/or screen. If you find yourself needing long-term storage or storage during the colder seasons, diggins & ROSE can help. We can offer climate-controlled warehouse storage.

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