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How To Properly Move Items That Require Special Handling

Some of the items in your home require special handling, and moving these items needs to be done carefully. Here are some moving tips and tricks for getting these items from point A to point B without damaging them or hurting yourself!

How Do I Move A Washing Machine?

At Origin: Unplug the washer, remove the hot and cold water lines. The bowl must be secured (use original shipping straps found in the back of the washing by removing the metal panel) this will eliminate any migration during transit that could damage the motor and spindle. Drain the water from the pump and re-attach the lines.

At Destination: Remove the shipping straps, re-attach the hot and cold lines and plug washer in.

How Do I Move A Gas Dryer or Gas Stove?

At Origin: The gas line has to be disconnected from the back of the appliance (cannot be performed by the mover!).

How Do I Move a Water Bed?

At Origin: The water has to be drained from the liner. The heater must be unplugged first. The liner is then laid out on the floor and powder is sprinkled on the liner as it is rolled (do not fold). Tape, tie or secure the finished roll. CAUTION, moving a water bed liner in the winter may cause the liner to crack due to the cold outside temperatures. Dismantle the bed frame.

At Destination: Unroll the liner place back into bed and fill with clean water (read manufacturer’s instructions and insert the required chemical into the water. Re-assemble the bed frame. Plug in the heater.

How Do I Move A Refrigerator’s Ice Maker

At Origin: The water line must be disconnected at the source and removed from the back of the refrigerator.

At Destination: The water line has to be re-attached to the back of the refrigerator, if a line is available and in place. If not, a new “Ice Maker” water line must be installed.

How Do I Move Fine Art and Oil Paintings?

Articles of high value ($1,000 or more) certainly require special handling and should be packed by a 3rd party service (your moving company can arrange this for you). A peculiar property of oil paintings is that the paint never dries. This coupled with the temperature inside a moving van in the summer can soften the finish on the painting’s surface. The 3rd party company will use glassine paper or neutro-wrap to prevent anything from coming in contact with the surface of the painting plus 1/2″ celetex packing material to form a box around the painting. Then the unit is packed wrapped in 3 mil. plastic to protect it from moisture. It is then packed in a paper pad and placed into a corrugated picture carton which is then placed into a wooden crate that is fabricated to protect the carton. diggins and Rose has an extensive on-site crating department.

How Do I Move Fragile Valuables?

These items should be packed into Dishpack cartons. If they are oversized and do not fit into a Dishpack, a wooden crate will be fabricated, and the unit will be packed with bubble pack. diggins & Rose has an extensive on-site crating department for fragile items that are likely to brake without special handling.

How Do I Move A Pool Table?

The green felt has to be removed. The slate is then removed and packed in wooden crate units, to safe guard the slate while in transit. The legs are also removed for transit. The process is repeated at destination. In many cases you may prefer to have a new green felt installed (this is an extra cost).

How Do I Move A Trampoline?

Trampolines must be disassembled, the nuts and bolts will be placed in a canvas bags and tied directly to the trampoline to eliminate any loss.

How Do I Move Playground Equipment?

These items must be disassembled for transit. The nuts and bolts are removed to facilitate disassembling the unit so that it will fit inside the van. The the case of both wooden and metal units, in some cases the nuts and bolts will rust over time and break – they have to be replaced at destination.