How Do I Stage My Home to Sell?

Hint: It involves using ultra-convenient portable storage containers to store excess items. Any realtor will tell you that staging your home will speed your sale and put more money in your pocket. Although this sounds daunting, it’s a relatively easy do-it-yourself process provided you leave plenty of time and take it step-by-step.

What Does “Staging A Home For Sale” Mean?
“Staging” is just showcasing your home to make it appear in its best light. It means removing all clutter so your home will look bigger, brighter, and more desirable to prospective buyers. Additionally, realtors suggest that you remove all personal items (such as family photos) so that buyers can picture themselves and their families in the home.

The Most Important Step Of Staging Is Decluttering
The first step of staging your home for sale is to identify all items you don’t absolutely need to have in your home while it’s being sold. This includes extra furniture, collectibles, mementos, out-of-season clothing, hobbies you won’t have time for until after you move, extra cookware, and any other items you don’t use on a daily basis. Be as ruthless as possible! You’re aiming for hotel-like sparsity.

Identify any items that you don’t need or use, then toss or donate them.
Pack up other items that may have value, but shouldn’t be hanging around while people are looking at your house.

How To Pack Your “Decluttered” Items
You can pack your own items or request professional packing services. Either way, using standard-size moving boxes instead of smaller boxes (like liquor boxes or supermarket boxes) will make the moving process go faster. When you’re paying for moving services by the hour, this can mean significant savings. Additionally, moving boxes are modular and made to fit and stack perfectly inside the truck, which protects your items better. For your convenience, Diggins & ROSE offers discounted professional quality moving boxes and packing supplies.

Make Your Newly Packed Boxes Disappear
Your now “nicely packed” moving boxes should ideally be stored somewhere other than your spare room or basement. You don’t want a room full of boxes to distract prospective buyers from seeing the full potential of your house.

Portable Storage And Moving Containers Are A Convenient Solution

Portable storage containers can be delivered to your driveway, loaded by you or loaded professionally, and moved out-of-sight on your property or to a secure storage location until you’re ready to move. If you choose to load the container yourself, this YouTube video will show you how to load a portable storage and moving container.
You May Want To Actually Move Your Items Using The Portable Storage And Moving Container
It’s done all the time. You may decide that you want your items moved to your new home using your portable storage moving container. Consult a qualified, professional move estimator early in the process so that you’ll choose the best option for your situation. Diggins & ROSE offers a FREE, no obligation, professional estimate on moving costs that can help you decide whether you should plan part, or all, of your move in a portable moving container. Request a free moving cost estimate now. Don’t wait until the week before you want to move to start getting quotes. Otherwise, you may be disappointed to find that capacity is not available, which would seriously alter your plans.

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Next Step Of Staging Your Home: Brightening And Freshening
Once you’ve removed all clutter and personal items, you’ll have more room to step back and consider how to brighten and freshen your home. Are there walls that need a fresh coat of paint? Or light fixtures that could easily be replaced or added to brighten a dark area? Strongly consider replacing worn or faded bedspreads, pillows, or small area rugs. Ask your realtor to give you suggestions so that you don’t go overboard spending money needlessly or don’t overlook something that a professional eye would spot immediately. With a little extra effort, staging your home for sale is an investment that can pay off big.