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Are You Planning to Move Particle Board Furniture?

Whether you call it particleboard, pressboard, flatpack, Ikea, do-it-yourself, or quick-build furniture, the convenience of this do-it-yourself assembly furniture becomes quite a liability when it comes time to move!

Furniture manufactured from pressboard and particle board furniture is designed to go into a box when it is moved from the manufacturer to the retailer then to the customer unassembled as a DIY (do-it-yourself) project – tightly packed, nice and square and flat: the only way these sorts of materials can survive unharmed when transported.

However, once assembled, press board and particle board furniture is not made to withstand the normal stresses of getting moved around a lot – never mind a location move.

These pieces of furniture are not engineered or built with the extra wood structural pieces to adequately brace the unit for movement out of or into a residence or office, nor to withstand the normal moving truck vibration, even in the ‘air-ride’ type of moving trailers. And usually, due to the composition of the materials and frailty of the surfaces, damage is not repairable to any standard of satisfaction. If surface impressions can be made on this sort of furniture when writing on a single piece of paper, can you imagine how it would fare when stacked in a moving truck?

Is Particle Board Furniture Covered By Moving Insurance?

Assembly instructions often make the suggestion to connect hardware pieces by gluing them in place. Even this does not significantly improve the structural integrity of the furniture, but it does make disassembly impossible without creating substantial, irreparable damage. For these and additional reasons, moving companies do not offer increased insurance coverage for these types of items.

Diggins & ROSE will do their best to transport these items for you in a safe and careful manner, but because pressed wood & particle board furniture is so unstable, it will only be moved at your own risk! When you move with us, you will be asked to sign a consent form indicating that diggins & ROSE will not be held responsible if these items are damaged during your move.