Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Frequently Asked Moving QuestionsBelow, we’ve assembled many of the most frequently asked moving questions which we’ve received throughout our over-65-year history in the moving industry, as well as some other advice to make your move even smoother. Be sure to see our Moving Blog for even more moving tips and advice.

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How Do I Read My Local Moving Estimate?

Your local moving estimate – do you really understand it? When you obtain a local moving estimate or quote for a local* move it’s important to understand what that estimate includes and what it really means. You can’t compare quotes from competing movers unless you understand your quote fully and know that [...] Read More

How Do I Move a Flat Screen TV?

Are you looking for ways to move a flat screen tv or large monitor? Moving delicate electronic items can raise the anxiety in anyone, especially since plasma, LED, and LCD flat-screen televisions are expensive and sensitive. Here are some important moving tips from diggins & ROSE to help you move a flat screen [...] Read More

How Do I Pack Electronics?

Before moving electronics, there are certain procedures to follow. These procedures will protect your systems from mechanical failure or damage due to the normal physical shocks that can occur during  transport. If the moving tips below are followed prior to moving, your electronics should arrive safely at the destination. [...] Read More

How Do I Move with Younger Children?

Are you worried about the potential challenges of having to move with younger children? Children have different concerns about moving at different ages. For preschoolers and younger children (up to age 9) family is the center of their lives. They will be curious about moving, and may have concerns, such as being left behind and getting [...] Read More

What Does My Moving Company Valuation and Insurance Mean?

Have you received paper work from your moving company and you are wondering what the moving company valuation and insurance mean? Moving company valuation and insurance are some of the most misunderstood subjects. To help you understand these difficult and important subjects (and exactly what your options are), read the [...] Read More

How Do I Move a Wine Collection?

Wondering how to move a wine collection? If your wine collection represents a sizable investment, there are precautions you’ll want to take prior to moving to ensure its safe transportation and protect yourself in the event of unexpected loss or damage to the wine. [...] Read More

How Can I Save Before Moving Interstate?

Moving interstate? The single-biggest variable in the cost of your move is the weight of your items. Remove clutter before you move and reducing unnecessary weight, you can save yourself a lot of money. [...] Read More

How Do I Pack Fragile Items?

Are you wondering how to pack fragile items? Packing moving boxes with books and clothing is something many people are comfortable with. But when it comes to ceramics, fine china, and stemware, many people leave that to the professionals. We asked our professional packers here at Diggins & ROSE [...] Read More

How Do I Stage My Home to Sell?

Hint: It involves using ultra-convenient portable storage containers to store excess items. Any realtor will tell you that staging your home will speed your sale and put more money in your pocket. Although this sounds daunting, it’s a relatively easy do-it-yourself process provided you leave plenty of time [...] Read More